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Why aren't we talking about the mistrust in foreign aid?

As a debt consultant and negotiator, I'm always pushing not only debt freedom but also giving to others as a result of our financial liberty. A little more than a decade ago when Haiti was impacted by a 7.0 earthquake (killing and injuring hundreds of thousands, destroying infrastructure, etc...) there was a global financial outpouring to assist the country. Billions, with a capital B, were given to Haiti through various organizations but the distribution of funds was either mismanaged, missing (if you can believe that one) or unaccounted for (which is another way of saying stealing in my book). This should make any of us pause and ask 'what in the world happened to all that money?' Critics will argue that within the last decade Haiti has received foreign relief or aid through children vaccinations and meaningful investments in technology for farmers but any positive impact received IS NOT good measure to the amount of aid that was donated. The point is this, it's not enough to give out of the goodness of our own heart, we must be mindful of where our donations are going while vetting the intentions of those organizations we trust to give to people in need. And if our donations are misused, we must hold those organizations accountable, PERIOD! #donations #haitiearthquake2021 #haitirelief #naturaldisasterrelief #internationalaid #people

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